We are a movement within the Hip Hop culture influenced by all its contributors, consumers and followers.

I speak Hip Hop magazine was officially founded in June 2011. The first issue was printed in January 2012 under media24 [onthedot]. We launched our first issue with “AKA” on the cover. Since then we have published 14 issues. Printing between 7000 to 10000 copies per an issue. Selling between 2000 to 5000 copies in store nationwide. Mainly selling in CNA stores. All unsold stock are freely distributed to campus ,festival and small events. Our last issue featured Cassper Nyovest on the cover in early 2015.

We decided to go , fully digital since spring 2015 due to the digital demand.  Ispeakhiphop  Launched its app in August 2016 . Our merchandise will also be end of 2016 .

Our clientele includes:

Trace Urban, Redbull, Skyy Vodka, Sterkenikor [ps3], Sprite, Puma, Butan Wear, Sony Music SA, Outsurance, Heineken, Backtothecity, Sahiphop Awards, Captivity, New Era, Fubu, MediaShop, Omnicom, Electromode, Macdonald ,Telkom mobile & more.

In February 2016 Ispeakhiphop officially became part of Makuvukwe Holdings PTY

Makuvukwe Holdings is owned and run By Darren Middleton and Rudy Kams

Makuvukwe Holding has 7 employees fully committed to Ispeakhipop.

For more info email editor@ispeakhiphop.com

To advertise with us email advert@ispeakhiphop.com

We offer advert package on all our platform weekly email, App, Website Banners, social networks and more. Price ranging from R 5000 to R 20000 monthly.

Our Stats

Statistics Numbers
In total, we have a powerful media collective that reaches over 100,000 people.
Physical Magazine sales avg. 3500+
Sold Digital Magazine downloads avg. 1500+
Monthly Unique Visitors avg. 30000+
Physical Magazine Reach avg. 30000+
Monthly Visitors avg. 50000+
Free Digital magazine download  avg. 10000+
 Average time on site avg. 1 minute 32 second