Listen To Khuli Chana’s New single ‘I Geddit’

Listen To Khuli Chana’s New single ‘I Geddit’
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  1. You want to accept that as fact, too. Not simply mentally, however emotionally. I know, it’s easier said than carried out sometimes. However, it is the reality. Love your self even when you are unhappy or heartbroken. I’ve usually thought that appearances are deceiving. Sometimes we’re better off not figuring out what is absolutely going on elsewhere, that we are sometimes luckier than many. I perceive what you’re saying, Missy. A mother’s coronary heart always desires the perfect on this life for her children and all they deserve. Nothing makes a mom more despondent when she believes her youngsters are suffering in this life no matter the degree. A mother solely desires her children to be completely happy in this life and it hurts if we imagine life isn’t being honest to them. Among the best gifts in this life is to have a loving mother. I praise God for having such a mother in this life. You are one of those mothers. It’s the only approach I actually understand how to write, Swalia. You write straight from heart. Well now, that was an incredible compliment. Missy, this poem stabs at you.. I read.. uncooked, emotional and difficult.. You make me giggle, Faith. Oh sure, I do know that phrase humdinger, used it a few times in my life seeing as I too come from the ol’ South, darlin’. I believe your son is true by saying he doesn’t regret.

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