@MrCashtime Discusses His Upcoming Free Concert with @okmalumkoolkat and more.

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  1. SKATE says:


    According to your label and your socials you dropping an album on 4 NOV 16. Its 20 OCT 16 now and still no new music or single but your boss has dropped 2 singles with videos in such a short space of time. Maggz no no no!!! you one of the illest niggaz in the local rap game and I get we as fans may not fully understand the inner workings of labels and the recording industry in general but this is not a good look. It looks like you are being set up for failure in a way and its disheartening as a fan of yours since your Saudi Western days with Pro and Sgebi, through to your era at Fassie Records/Ghetto Ruff with Bongz and DA L.E.S up until now that you at Cash Time Life. You doing a lot of good features with your label mates and other artists, you performing/getting paid fine but you’ve only released one just one solo single (Cho’Dlozi) as Maggz since you been on that label and that shit is questionable. The economics of hits and market reception of projects/songs is debatable because in the end you have a core following that supports your music (One of the reasons you get booked for shows and features).

    When your bosses vid dropped yesterday for his new single fine good for him and the featured artist but it really made me feel some type of way (Pissed The F Off). As a person on the outside looking at the way your label handles you as an artist its not a good picture im seeing. I get your boss gave an explanation on as to whats happening at the label with releases and stuff but still it doesnt justify a 1st class calibre artist like you having one solo release single nje, no build up to an album that is supposedly dropping in 14 days.

    For the sake of fans like myself I hope the album does come out and you bring that fire that we know you for on 4 NOV 16 because I will be making that purchase, but your potential greatness and success is being sabotaged in my eyes or maybe you not a priority. Kid X left but at least he had more than one single, video and a mixtape. Moozlie had no solo release just features, Vigi has had more than one single and video, MA-E and Mr. Cashtime more than one single with videos and albums to boot. You? Open you eyes to your reality.

    Ps. To the label concerned and the people in charge of it start have a level playing field when dealing with your roster and their projects because if you continue to priorities one person because they one of the main three people that sign the checks there you will continue to lose talent and your roster will keep shrinking.

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