Stand a chance to collaborate with Kid X on the Russian Bear Vodka #IAMNEXT Campaign

Stand a chance to collaborate with Kid X on the Russian Bear Vodka #IAMNEXT Campaign
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  1. Ndumiso says:

    Hi ISHH_admin

    I represent the #IAMNEXT 2018 winner, “Onke Nomangola”. I’d like to believe that you would be interested in writing a follow through article on this article, informing your audience and visitors about the winner of the competition. Russian Bear Vodka announced Onke as the winner a week ago on the 20th and he is currently working with Kid X, Makwa, Russian Bear Vodka and MTV Base.

    Onke’s has been putting in the work to develop a career in the music industry, his Bio:

    Born Onke Nomangola known as NankOo, which is also his stage name. NankOo is a hip-hop artist that was born and bred in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. He started his journey with Hip Hop music back in 2008 as Lyf Sentence and was part of a crew called Sound Masters. In 2011, the Khayelitsha born rapper recorded an album with the Sound Masters crew and subsequently released his studio-recorded album in 2014 as Lyf Sentence. NankOo is currently working on a his solo project and a joint project, “Clean Slate”, with two Cape Town based hip-hop artists namely Cynic Laperto and B+22 (Buzz Beats).

    Since NankOo started rapping in 2008, he has made some major strides. He has opened for Driemanskap in multiple events; he has also performed in clubs, and has had appearances in local TV shows; in and around Cape Town. A major highlight in his career happened this year, 2018, were he was crowned the Russian Bear Vodka #IAMNEXT2018 champion, he awarded the champion status after facing competition from hundreds of talented hip-hop artists across the country. Now he set to record a single with KidX of Raplyf Records and record a music video with that will debut on MTV Base South.

    Your work in the game is appreciated, thanks for keeping us on the loop with what’s happening in the game. Lastly thanks for your time you can email us if your require more information.


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